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Benefits of a Staffing Agency

Using A Healthcare Staffing Service


Hiring new healthcare workers is an arduous process, especially when you’re busy running a healthcare practice or dealing with regular staff employees. The average time it takes for an employer to hire a worker is 30-120 days. Searching and reading through resumes, prescreening resumes, and testing new hires is a major time burden on any healthcare facility, but must be completed in order to hire the right employee. With White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, all of the time-consuming tasks like pre-screening and resume hunting are done for you. So instead of spending your time and hard-earned money on placement ads, we can provide you with qualified and well-versed candidates. Putting your trust in us, you can stop worrying about the hiring process and start.

Huge Savings

Can Save Time and Money

The cost of hiring temporary healthcare workers is cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits. In the short term, it is generally more cost-efficient to hire a temporary, especially for healthcare assignments that are expected to last from 1 week to 13 weeks or longer. For healthcare jobs that are expected to last much longer, it may pay to hire a full-time employee. Employers can utilize temps on long-term assignments for as long as they choose to cut their staffing costs. We have helped save employers hundred and thousand of dollar on staffing temporary and direct hiring.

When you employ White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, LLC,  we are responsible for bearing all of the financial burdens of recruiting, screening, testing, and hiring temporary workers; vendor expenses, and paperwork and reporting to the IRS.

When deciding upon Temporary or Direct Hire placements for your healthcare facility, it’s important to first access your practice/facility needs. Some healthcare employers find that after a while their temporary  “candidate” becomes an integral part of their team and decide to offer him or her a full-time position, while others feel like temporary placement is the right solution for their facility.

No matter what your needs are, our team at White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service can help you address your needs when it comes to staffing. With an established network of temps and valuable resources, we can provide your healthcare facility with temps or Direct Hire candidates very quickly.

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