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2023-2024 Staffing: The Demand for Healthcare Workers & Under-Staffing

Healthcare professionals must stay informed about new technologies to remain competitive. The staffing industry is continuing to grow and adapt to the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry.  Healthcare staffing will continue to grow as the demands are needed, particularly in patient care. Under-staffing in nursing has become a central concern in nursing homes, leading to significant safety implications for patients and nurses.  Nursing homes, skilled nursing, and hospitals must have sufficient staff to provide optimum care for the safety of all patient outcomes. 


Not enough nurses-nurse shortage: 

Know when you are understaffed:


Not enough nurses signing in for their shifts

Patients -Neglected

Over-work load

Burn-Out/Turn-Over rates

Constantly filling shifts with expensive OT

Administration paper-work not in order

Family and Patients look elsewhere for care

Admission/Releases Take too long to process

Pay to low

Lack of training and education

Inadequate planning and forecasting

Causes of under-staffed

Budget strains- Don't employ enough staff in an effort to save resources

High Nurse Turn over rate-Mandatory OT- Poor working conditions, which leads to staffing shortages, nurses leaving for better work/pay, and career change: The result is a lack of nurses.

As the baby-boomer population continues to increase, the demand for patient care, which is provided by healthcare professionals will be more intense.  As a result, nursing facilities will hire nurses/aides to perform routine ADL and clinical duties, allowing the nurses/aides to see more patients.  Our healthcare professionals work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, urgent care facilities, clinics, outpatient care centers, colleges, universities, research centers, diagnostic laboratories, and other areas.....!

Healthcare staffing is extremely critical when providing patient care, and permitting facilities, and organizations to access support during peak demands.  In order to remain competitive, healthcare staffing agencies must stay informed of the challenges that impact the healthcare industry.

With aging citizens and the increase in long-term care, the healthcare industry faces an unprecedented demand for healthcare workers, especially registered nurses, which is in high demand. Healthcare employers rely on staffing agencies to provide these individuals to fill the gaps, providing qualified and experienced personnel to meet the needs of these organizations.

As the baby boomer continues to grow, the demand for healthcare professionals will continue to rise, making it urgently important for staffing agencies to fill these voids.

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