Behavioral|Mental Health|Chemical Dependency|Addictions|Autism|Disabilities

We assist healthcare systems to find the best qualified providers to work in mental health with  adolescents, adults, children and geriatric patients. White Coat Healthcare Staffing has a databases pool of behavioral and mental healthcare professionals who specializes in all specialties. Our candidates works with all populations who suffers from schizoprenia, bioplar, depression, chemical dependency, autism and those with special needs. Trust us with your talent acquisition. In/Out Patients Hospitals, Residential Mental Research & Treatment Facilities, State & Private Community Mental Healthcare Centers


  • Registered Nurses                                                                                                   Behavioral Managed Care

  • Staff Nurses/Charge

  • Behavioral Mental Technicians

  • Behavioral Therapists

  • Psychiatrists/Psychology

  • Mental Health Nurse Practitioners                                                 

  • PMHNP/Tele-Psych/Buprenorphine Waivers

  • Psychotherapists

  • Psychiatrists/Tele-Psych/Buprenorphine Waivers

  • Social Workers

  • RAD & Imaging Techs

  • CNAs/GNAs/LPNs

  • Medication Technicians

  • Staff Coordinators

  • Clinical Research Coordinators

  • Psychiatrics Techs


  • internists

  • Phlebotomists

  • Lab techs

  • Clinical Researchers

  • Case Managers

  • Addiction Specialists

  • Residential Treatment Staff

Depressed Young Adult

Our Chiropractors

"Chiropractic education requires at least 4 years of professional study and includes a 4-year undergraduate/college prerequisite in most states. Chiropractic education requires at least 4 years of professional study and includes a 4-year undergraduate/college pre-requisit...  Our doctors has more than 4 years of practice and also experienced in network marketing, increasing new patients to your facilities. Highly educated and multi-functional physicians. Most of our physicians enjoyed working in a multi-practice environment. We provide

these physicians to work in any healthcare environment:  Clinics, hospitals, offices, multi-practices.

White Coat Healthcare Staffing professional chiropractors are available to step in and start treating your patients, almost immediately. 

Contact us by texting or calling for your staffing needs. Chiropractor. We offer short and long-term assignments. Contracts assignment up to 13 weeks in clinics and office environment and we also offer direct staffing.

For direct hires, clients are responsible for the credentialing process and insurance enrollment. Most of our physicians are already participating in most insurances in their state of practice and credentialed.