About White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services


Innovative Clinical Leadership


White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC is a temporary service, that provides excellent healthcare professionals to work with clients in a variety of settings. White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC  continues to attract employers  from referring clients. Seventy percent of White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services client-base are referrals. We are proud of the services we provide, and our clients let us know that we are doing an excellent job at it!  KOPI LUWAK anyone?


White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC  is recognized as one of the areas upcoming healthcare staffing services in Prince George County, Maryland.  White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC aggressively strives for exceeding customer service expectations in the healthcare community. We are proud to say, that our client list is growing significantly and includes recognized leaders and brands in healthcare. White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC is constantly looking for professional healthcare temps for its challenging projects as well as healthcare employers in search of professionals healthcare workers to join their workforce.


Providing highly trained, licensed and certified healthcare professionals for our clients. We understand our client's staffing project needs and we help our client's achieve a greater professional healthcare staff to meet their needs. We are a contracting service, that caters to the needs of our healthcare clients.

We offer a full suite of contract resolutions for our healthcare employers. We provide our contracting services to local healthcare facilities and our area healthcare providers. We provide Allied, Physicians, Nursing and Hospital Based employees. Our pool of candidates consists of local healthcare professionals who have already been fully screened and available for immediate hire. We network with a pool of 250 databases that allows us to immediately send an alert to these pools, to generate qualified candidates to fill our employer's employment gaps quickly.


We offer generous wages and rewarding assignments at premier healthcare facilities. Each of our candidates are different and has different needs, and we are able to provide them with schedules that meet their needs.


White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC specializes in providing prn, Temporary and direct hire personnel. Direct hires are offered nationally.  Through the use of our cutting edge software program, we are able to match our client's need with the best selection of healthcare professionals.

No Payroll Hassle

Our temporaries are employees of the agency. The agency is the employer, and we handle all of our temporary payroll and our contractors invoice us for their service. Time-sheets are approved by the manager(s) and faxed to the agency to be processed for tax liabilities, unemployment and worker's compensation. We take care of our payroll and save the employers thousands of dollars in employer's taxes and worker's compensation liabilities.




White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC mission is not to become the #1 healthcare staffing in the industry. Our mission is to be recognized, as one of the leading healthcare staffing  in the industry; and for our commitment and dedication in excellence and superb services to our healthcare employers. Our mission is dedicated to meeting the needs and the requirements of our of healthcare employers so that they can continue to build and run a successful healthcare business. Our mission is to continue to work hard to continue to exceed our client's, associates, and individual candidates/employees expectations!


Value Proposition


White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC is your most trusted partner when it comes to healthcare. We value our healthcare employer's business by developing a long-term working relationship and partnership. We don't make promises, we can not keep. White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC  is a full-life cycle staffing service. Our healthcare employers can be assured that they are getting the best of the best candidates to work within their facilities. We are committed everyday to create and develop, new strategies, to continue to provide, excellence, in healthcare staffing to meet the needs of our healthcare employers.