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White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, LLC is your most trusted partner when it comes to healthcare. We value our healthcare employer's business by developing a long-term working relationship and partnership. We don't make promises, we can not keep. White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, LLC is a full-cycle temporary service. Our recruiting process consist of finding talented professionals, interviewing, testing (we provide testing to candidates to make sure they are knowledgeable in their field), full criminal and employment background investigations (7) years, some cases (10), schedule face-to-face interviews with the clients (if applicable), drug-testing (if applicable) and on-boarding process. We use this process for all hires, whether, you are hiring temporary or  direct hires.  Our healthcare employers can be assured that they are getting the best of the best candidates to work within their facilities. We are committed everyday to create and develop, new strategies, to continue to provide, excellence, in healthcare staffing to meet the needs of our healthcare employers.


We provide healthcare staffing for all healthcare employers. Our company provides staffing in, allied healthcare, nursing, and administrative staff support.


Employers can rest assure that every healthcare professional who applies for employment with White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, LLC undergoes comprehensive screening and credentialing to ensure each temporary possesses the necessary licensure, insurance, training and clinical competencies.


In addition to ensuring that we have the perfect match, we perform reference checking, and lengthly criminal and employment background checks and testing. Rest assured that each individual you hire from White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC is skilled efficient and meets all of the requirements.


Our healthcare professionals are employees and contractors of White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC.


White Coat Healthcare Staffing Service, LLC is an experienced and reliable staffing agency, offering temporary, per diem and direct hire outsourcing solutions. Our recruiters work passionately to promote your job opportunities, working every day to increase our pool of diverse and talented healthcare professionals.


When healthcare facilities are in critical need of skilled healthcare professionals, traditional hiring methods are impractical. Facilities have so many responsibilities and need solutions that work within their budgets and provide the flexibility they need. During periods of fluctuating census and staff shortages, our unique staffing options deliver efficient solutions for the continuity of patient care.


Since it is impossible to predict a shortage, it’s a smart move to contract with us today so you are prepared for tomorrow. For organizations seeking staffing solutions, please complete our staffing request form and a representative will contact you immediately!

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships


  • PER Diem/PRN




Employers complete the below form and a representative will contact you immediately upon your request: Text or call  240-758-3738. After 5P: 301-780-7370