It is Our Job to Help Support Our Communities


Covid- 19 Support Team


The Pharmacists Role 

During Covid

Pharmacy Technicians- Front Line-COVID-19

Our nurses are accessible for vaccine destinations in the State of Maryland to help support networks gets inoculated. We have Registered Nurses, LPN, Nursing Assistants and Nurse Practitioners on the front lines controlling inoculations. Our nurses travel from site to site overseeing vaccinations and educating the community on the significance of vaccines.

Our local Pharmacist assumes a significant part in the community.   Now that we are at the front line of this entire immunization for COVID-19 and its protocols, the role of pharmacists as a forefront vaccinator and organization has truly arisen with this pandemic.

Our local pharmacy techs are responders to the Covid pandemic, showing their devotion and industriousness consistently. They assume a fundamental part with regards to giving the public medications, therapeutics, immunizations and patient consideration. It's nothing unexpected that there is an expanding demand for pharmacy techs interest to assist with COVID-19 patients consideration at whatever point conceivable. 

Pharmacy professionals—COVID-19 front liners—are getting down to business to assist in any capacity they can.