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People with Masks

About Us

White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services has been on the front lines assisting and making sure that our healthcare employers are fully staffed. Our staff as well as our PRN staff are at hand working long hours, day and night with dedication, compassion, and truth to their oaths as nurses to save lives. We go above and beyond the call of our services to make sure that our clients are receiving the best of care for their staff and patients. We understand the urgent need of having qualified staff and caregivers in place. Our services are available to meet the needs of our community healthcare leaders 24/hours- 365 days.  We provide nursing,  and allied healthcare support available to meet all of your staffing needs. 

We are looking forward to moving our services to the West Coast to include the State of California. Our service will also be expanding to the following states:  New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida and we are looking forward to this expansion.  Our services will begin in these states (August 31, 2023). White Coat Healthcare Staffing has an awesome team of healthcare workers and we are looking forward to bringing on new clients and nurses to our team. 

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