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Healthcare workers at the nurse station

ER- Nurses

OR Nurses

Physician Assistants

Nurse Practitioners

Administrative Staff Support


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Hospital Care Team 

White Coat Healthcare Staffing provides staffing for hospitals. We are dedicated to connecting you with highly skilled, knowledgeable, and extensively vetted professionals within a short span of 2 weeks. Allow us to simplify your hospital's recruitment process and swiftly secure outstanding candidates.

Direct Hiring for Hospitals

When utilizing White Coat Healthcare Staffing to locate full-time healthcare professionals, we will generate the job description on your behalf, leverage our vast database of numerous qualified professionals, and thoroughly evaluate the top candidates for the position. Furthermore, you will only be required to make a payment once you have successfully hired a candidate.

Hospital Base Employees

The administrative team comprises various roles such as clerks, receptionists, schedulers, medical assistants, medical billers/claims, and unit clerks, among others. These individuals perform challenging tasks that are crucial to the smooth functioning of the hospital.

Respiratory Therapists- 

Respiratory therapists are responsible for overseeing patients who require ventilator support and monitoring their blood-oxygen levels. They also offer guidance on respiratory care and educate individuals on the proper use of respiratory devices and therapies. Certified respiratory therapists typically focus on assisting non-critical patients within respiratory units..

Registered Nurses

In the realm of healthcare, registered nurses (RNs) serve as the primary caregivers, responsible for coordinating and providing patient care. They possess the expertise to identify any changes in a patient's condition promptly. Subsequently, RNs communicate these changes to attending physicians or house staff, ensuring appropriate medical attention. Moreover, RNs may assume leadership roles as charge nurses, practitioners, or nurse supervisors, overseeing and managing the overall nursing care within a hospital unit.

Licensed Practical Nurses

The registered nurses oversee the licensed practical nurses and administer fundamental medical and nursing assistance. Licensed practical nurses also communicate with individuals regarding their healthcare, address their inquiries, and update registered nurses and physicians on their progress.

Physician’s Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners collaborate closely with attending physicians to ensure efficient coordination of patients' daily care plans. Additionally, they operate within medical offices, conducting physical examinations, prescribing medication, and administering treatments. While they are not physicians themselves, they possess the necessary training to diagnose and treat patients, all while being under the supervision of physicians.

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