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A Staffing on Demand Mobile App
Choose Your Shifts Anytime,
Employers Choose Your Professionals 

The SmartNurse App

Staffing On Demand Mobile App at your finger tips!

The New Mobile App for Staffing


White Coat Healthcare Staffing is having developed an on-demand mobile staffing app for nurses and allied healthcare workers. The app will connect nurses and allied healthcare workers with available shifts locally throughout the state of Maryland.

Since the 2020 Pandemic, nurses and allied healthcare workers are needed more, and having the on-demand mobile staffing app available will make staffing much easier, quicker, and faster! Workers will be able to pick up as many shifts as they choose, work when and where they want and never be without a paycheck! Nurses and allied workers will set up their direct deposit information with PayCor using the mobile app. Using the on-demand mobile staffing app, nurses and allied healthcare workers will never be without work!

Comping Soon the download app

Download the SmartNurse App today and get to work!

We are currently hiring for:

Medical Assistants in all Specialties

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Educators

Registered Nurses - All Specialties

Certified Nursing Assistants

Geriatric Nursing Assistants


Home-Care Nursing Assistants

Home Health Aides

Certified Medical Assistants-Front Office

Certified Medical Assistants-Back Office

Surgical Technologists

Psychiatric Technicians

Behavioral Technicians

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