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Skilled nurses, rehabilitation, and Long-Term Care Professionals? Look no further, we have skilled providers right here. Ask about our GNAs, CNAs, Medication Aides, Medication Techs, Restorative Aides, LPNs, RNs, Nurse Supervisors, Unit Nurses, DONs, and ADONs. Continuing Education is required to be a part of our team.


We are totally persistent in meeting your daily operational needs.  We offer prn, temporary, direct hires, and contract staffing by providing your facility with our most qualified clinicians available. We staff for nursing homes, living assistance, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hospice, home care, residential living, and other healthcare facilities. We know exactly what their needs are. Our RNs, GNAs, CNAs, and Restorative Aides, along with our ancillary therapy team are available 24 hours a day. We have received praise from our client employers about the team we send out to work at their facilities. Our team is the best! They never complain about the work.  We handpick each of our team based on everything, including, strength, experience, skills, and personalities.  We want to be assured that we are sending "angels" to work with our client's patients.

Continuing Education: All nurses (regardless of employment status) are required to take continuing education/training on geriatric care in nursing homes. Must show proof of training.

Continuing Education: HIPAA, OSHA Safety Training, Elder Abuse. We have a mandated list of topics for continuing education, where candidates, can acknowledge or provide proof of training or education in these areas and more.  It is important that everyone knows the signs and what is abuse.

Reporting Abuses: Healthcare facilities

These courses and training are offered online free of charge and are granted authentic certifications at the end of each training.

Here at White Coat Healthcare Staffing Services, LLC 70% of our clinicians have already been pre-screened in our database.  Background clearance, Certified by the State of Maryland, CPR Certified, First Aid Certifications.