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Employers Services

We are a full lifecycle service agency. When choosing White Coat to fullfil your staffing needs, you'll never have to worry about the backoffice. We eliminate all of the pain of hiring, so that you can concentrate on your patients. So, what's included with your services:

1. Continuous Recruitment (No  cost)

2. Sourcing/Parsing/Resumes

3. Screening Candidates

4. Select at least 5 Candidates Resumes to send to Client for review

5. Intital Phone Interview

6. Face-to -Face Interview

7. Application Process

8. Skill Check (Check Candidates Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in their Roles)

9. Background Check (If they pass)


11. Report New Hires

12. Drug/Alcohol Screening (If client request this)

13. Documentation Collection - Immunization, PPD, Covid Vaccination

14. Credentialing - Verify Licenses/Certifications

15. Verification of Employment/References (2)

Payroll Services:

We provide payroll, bi-weekly direct deposits, UI Insurance, WC Insurance, Employee's Taxes (Taxes Burdens), Federal and Local.    

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