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african american nurse

Happy nurses can apply themselves fully to their professional practice, work creatively, and improve the performance of their organizations. Positive emotions like happiness and an internal sense of fulfillment in life can serve as internal motivators for nurses to excel in their work.

Nurses are ready to listen, support, and help with establishing connections with resources that may be required. These sources might include support groups, or just a moment of silence spent together talking about concerns and questions. Everyone can live healthier lives—physically, mentally, and spiritually—thanks to this commitment and attention to detail from all nurses.

burnt out nurse

Causes of Burn Out 

 Nurses have to care for more patients, longer shifts, and overtime to meet the needs and demands of healthcare facilities.  In many cases, this brings on emotional stress and a loss of qualified professional nurses.



PRN: Schedule Own Time

Working as a PRN healthcare professional has lots of advantages. The opportunity to gain more experience, especially if you are a new nurse. PRN also gives you the flexibility to work when you want and where you work! Awesome huh!  

   The Key To Keeping Staff, Where Gaps Exist, Is To Utilize A Nurse Staffing Agency  

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