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Types of Placement Contracts

White Coat Healthcare Staffing provides a range of placement agreements tailored to the unique requirements of healthcare institutions and nursing practitioners.

Per Diem and PRN contracts offer healthcare facilities flexible staffing solutions. These contracts enable nurses to be hired on an as-needed basis, helping to address temporary staffing shortages or cover absences.


There is a key difference between Per Diem and PRN contracts. PRN nurses are exclusively assigned to work for one healthcare facility, while Per Diem nurses have the flexibility to work at multiple facilities simultaneously.


Nurses under either a Per Diem or PRN contract typically receive a higher hourly rate compared to those under other contracts.

However, they do not receive health insurance or paid time off benefits. These contracts are ideal for nursing professionals seeking work flexibility or additional income to supplement their primary earnings.

Short-Term Contract

Short-term agreements are commonly offered for a specific period, which can range from a few weeks to a few months. They are perfect for establishments requiring temporary staffing assistance, such as during the absence of a full-time employee on parental leave. These agreements typically last between 6-12 weeks.


During short-term agreements, nurses are employed by the staffing agency and compensated based on their experience and expertise. Depending on the agreement, they may also receive benefits like health insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off.


The staffing agency is responsible for all aspects of the short-term agreement, including recruitment, screening, and placement of the professional. They also offer continuous support and supervision throughout the assignment. The agency provides orientation and training, scheduling and shift management tools, and access to professional development resources.

​Extended Duration


Extended duration contracts can span from a few months to a year or even more. These contracts prove to be advantageous for healthcare institutions seeking continuous assistance in a particular unit or department. Within an extended duration contract, nurses are hired by the staffing agency and compensated based on their expertise and abilities at an hourly rate. Additionally, nurses are eligible for insurance coverage, paid time off, and retirement plans. Similar to short-term contracts, staffing agencies take care of all the necessary aspects of extended duration contracts. They ensure that nurses receive the required training, proper scheduling, and necessary tools to excel in their roles.

Direct Hire

Direct hire agreements are implemented when a healthcare provider intends to permanently employ a nursing professional. The staffing agency assists the healthcare facility in locating a suitable candidate by offering recruitment and screening services. Nevertheless, the provider assumes the responsibility of making the final hiring decisions and handling all employment-related obligations.

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