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Are Staffing Agencies Worth It For Your Healthcare Facilities?

The answer is YES!  A good staffing agency saves employers time and money and finds well-qualified candidates to fill their openings immediately. Employers spend millions of dollars recruiting and staffing on their own, only to find candidates who aren't a good fit for their facility, which can be a bad costly decision.  Some believe that that using a staffing agency costs more, when in fact, it doesn't, employers saves millions of dollars using professional staffing services to help fill their staffing needs.  Staffing agencies cost employers much less because staffing agencies take on all of the costs, including mandated taxes normally paid through the employer, insurance, workers compensation, and other related cost associated with the hiring.

It takes an employer 30 -120 days to make one hire and an agency can make many hires within 24-48 hours because we're connected with a huge database pool of already qualified individuals, who are already fully verified,  referenced checks, credentialed, background checks, and ready to be placed.  There are great SAVINGS using staffing agencies, and there is a great COST in making bad hiring decisions!  We FIND qualified candidates and have staffing solutions to resolve your staffing needs.

So before you decide on your next hire, compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges first. 

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