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Why It's A Smart Ideal To Use Staffing Agencies

For a variety of reasons, some healthcare facilities might be hesitant to use nurse staffing agencies to cover staffing gaps in their schedules. Maybe they think agency rates are too high, or maybe they haven't had a positive experience with agency staff in the past. However, there are a few reasons why hiring a reputable agency for your nurse staffing makes sense:

Reason #1

When you're short-staffed, using agency staff allows you the flexibility you require. The census may unexpectedly grow, or one of your regular employees may abruptly take an FMLA leave. However, your facility needs to be operational around-the-clock, year-round. You can manage the ups and downs related to the healthcare industry with peace of mind if you establish a relationship with a quality nurse staffing agency.

Reason #2

Your regular staff's overtime pay can be reduced. Agency nurses' market hourly rates may be much lower than regular full-time staff members' overtime compensation. The same government-mandated expenses that you must pay your employees, such as FICA, Medicare tax, state and federal unemployment taxes, workers compensation insurance, etc., are included in the cost of hiring agency staff for a healthcare facility. The expenses incurred by the staffing agency (on your behalf) to meet the requirements for your employment and/or compliance, such as background checks, drug tests, immunization requirements, and unique training sessions and orientations, are also included. Depending on their needs, these fees differ for each client.

Reason # 3

You can give your employees a break and avoid staff burnout by using agency staff. You can occasionally discover that the current workforce is stretched too thin. Patient satisfaction and, more crucially, patient safety may be impacted by overcommitting current staff or persistently low staffing levels. According to a recent studies, patients' satisfaction with the care they receive in hospitals falls off when they feel there aren't enough nurses on the wards.

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