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Why It's A Smart Ideal To Use Staffing Agencies

There are several reasons why healthcare facilities may have reservations about using nurse staffing agencies to fill staffing gaps. Some may believe that agency rates are too high, while others may have had negative experiences with agency staff in the past. However, there are compelling reasons why it makes sense to hire a reputable agency for nurse staffing:


Reason #1


When facing a shortage of staff, utilizing agency staff provides the flexibility needed. The patient census can unexpectedly increase, or a regular employee may suddenly take an FMLA leave. Nevertheless, healthcare facilities need to remain operational 24/7, year-round. By establishing a relationship with a reliable nurse staffing agency, you can navigate the ups and downs of the healthcare industry with confidence.


Reason #2


Hiring agency nurses can help reduce the overtime pay of your regular staff. The market hourly rates of agency nurses may be significantly lower than the overtime compensation of full-time staff members. Additionally, the expenses mandated by the government, such as FICA, Medicare tax, state and federal unemployment taxes, and workers' compensation insurance, are included in the cost of hiring agency staff for a healthcare facility. The staffing agency also covers the expenses incurred to meet employment and compliance requirements on your behalf, including background checks, drug tests, immunization requirements, and specialized training sessions and orientations. These fees vary for each client based on their specific needs.


Reason #3


Using agency staff allows you to give your employees a break and prevent staff burnout. There may be instances where the current workforce is stretched too thin. Overcommitting current staff or consistently maintaining low staffing levels can negatively impact patient satisfaction and, more importantly, patient safety. Recent studies have shown that patients' satisfaction with hospital care declines when they perceive a shortage of nurses.

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