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How Agencies Can Solve Healthcare Staffing Problems

Agency staffing provides healthcare facilities with a convenient and cost-effective solution to maintain proper staffing levels. In addition, partnering with an agency can help reduce the stress typically involved in the hiring process. If you are unhappy with a particular clinician, you have the option to not work with them again. Conversely, if you are satisfied with their performance, you can extend a full-time job offer without any hire-away fees. Utilizing staffing agencies is a win-win situation with no downsides.

Per Diem vs PRN Staffing. Know the difference? 

Per Diem nurses have the flexibility to work in various locations, unlike PRN nurses. They are commonly utilized by healthcare facilities to fill in for full-time staff absences. Per Diem nurses can work extended periods even without specific shifts assigned, depending on the facility's requirements. They have the freedom to select their shifts and turn down assignments according to their preferences.

PRN Nurses:

PRN status provides licensed nurses with the option to work on an as-needed basis rather than committing to full-time hours. This allows for a more adaptable schedule, with PRN nurses often stepping in to cover shifts for full-time nurses who are absent due to illness, vacation, or other reasons. The amount of work undertaken by PRN nurses each week can vary depending on their personal preferences and the requirements of the facility they are working for. In terms of compensation, PRN nurses typically earn wages that are comparable to those of full-time nurses.

Additionally, depending on their PRN work schedule, some may be eligible for benefits such as medical insurance and participation in a (401)K plan. PRN status offers nurses greater flexibility in their work schedules and provides them with the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of healthcare professionals.

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